Our own sTrong logo was designed for us as a reminder..Everyday we face curveballs, blind-sides, and unfair calls, often we face the consequences of our own personal fouls. Through it all, one thing that has consistently rose above all that is wrong, all that is in our way, all that presents hurdles and obstacles in this life, is the grace, mercy and gift of the cross.  It has been with the STRENGTH of Christ that we chase our dreams. It is because of him that we are STRONG enough. In this collection of items, NubAbility's inspirational STRONG logo takes center stage. Wear it as a reminder to yourself. You should not have to wear it to make a statement. Your life and actions should be statement enough if you trade HIS strength for yours. Philippians 4:13 I CAN DO ALL THINGS WITH CHRIST WHO GIVES ME STRENGTH. The STRONG logo and all apparel designs are copyright 2014 NubAbility Athletics Foundation