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Haulin Hooks by LPG Muscle provides Nubs with a high quality, made in America product that we have found necessary in helping us maintain skeletal symmetry across the upper torso and back as well as assist us in building muscle important for athletics and life. We ship every Friday but please allow 2 weeks for your order. We are a volunteer staffed NubShop:)

This device is sold:

1) in pairs OR

2) individually as a Right or Left Option

3)in 2 sizes- Hardcore or Ladies/Youth (we recommend 12 years or older) for lifting. Younger nubs may use for chin-ups, pull-ups, rings, and rowing machines. 

4) for nubs with a wrist: it is recommended that you make certain your wrist is large enough to prevent slippage of the hook during workout. If slippage occurs, please wrap your wrist with pre-wrap and tape or elastic sport wrap. 

5) for nubs w/o a wrist: it is imperative that you wrap your nub beginning 2" above the end with foam pre-wrap to build an artificial "wrist" or stopper. After the first couple of trips around the nub, begin twisting the pre-wrap a few more trips around to create a ridge. Then wrap with sport tape, making sure to secure to the skin. Test the hook prior to using for chin-ups or lifting a heavy weight. Email Sam@NubAbility.org for further information and instruction on use. 

6) PLEASE make sure you have put the rubber tubes on the metal hooks prior to use. Coat the hook with hand or dish soap and slip the tube on. Rinse the hooks with warm water and dry thoroughly before using. Do not use an oil or vaseline. If your tubes become damaged, you may purchase surgical tubing at a hardware store and cut to size. 

7) SYMMETRY in your muso-skeletal system is important. You may adapt these hooks using heavy duty velcro bands or lifting chains.  Your shoulders should be squared up and level in order to determine the length of velcro or chain you need. Please make sure the load weight is appropriate for your activity. 

See videos below. 


HERE ARE THE PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS FROM THE MANUFACTURER: Remember, we are adapting the use of this product made to assist a hand grip on a bar to the nub. 

HARDCORE MODEL:Respect. Big lifts bring it, grip slip won’t. Eliminate performance killing grip loss and stay focused on lifting up to 800# with class winning Haulin’ Hooks Hardcores. Unlike any other weightlifting straps / weightlifting hooks on the planet, only Haulin’ Hooks keep hold of weights when hands no longer can for record smashing workouts. With a patented combination of 1-1/2″ super grip strap-n-wraps, plus heavy duty hooks to suit any bodybuilding exercise. Bypass arms and target muscles with expert precision using Haulin’ Hooks Hardcore’s patented never drop hooks. And enjoy the plush comfort of a thickly padded, non constricting wrist wrap that stays put regardless of load.
Lift more, Pull more, Grow more respect? Get it done with Haulin’ Hooks Hardcore.

LADIES/YOUTH: Nothing draws attention like an expertly formed feminine physique. And nothing sculpts better than Haulin’ Hooks for Women. Featuring a patented combination of short & sweet straps plus ultra thin hooks. Haulin’ Hooks Women’s provide a secure connection to weights for fast paced aerobics, and problem area toning, in a slim, lightweight design that perfectly complements the lady lifter.Lift more, Pull more, Shape more with Haulin’ Hooks Women’s.US Patent #: #7,008,355 

We do not recommend this device for monkey bars. We are working on that:) However it may be used by younger kids to help carry 5 gallon buckets on the farm...sorry kids!

We recommend using the bars strap as an added support wrapped around the wrist for most exercises. We recommend the use of the strap wrapped around a weight bar with for others. IN ALL CASES USE A TRAINED SPOTTER.

NO WRIST? We are also working on stocking a forearm cuff and a bicep cuff that will benefit Nubz who do not have a wrist.

If you have any questions at all about using this product, please call Coach Sam. 618-357-0237

Make sure you ALWAYS use a spotter and a trained fitness instructor. NubAbility is not responsible or liable for any injury due to using Haulin Hooks. You use at your own risk and wisdom. 


PLEASE use the Rubber Hook Sleeves! Use liquid soap to get them on, then rinse in hot water & dry well before use. 

All profits from the purchase of this product from this site benefit NubAbility Athletics Camps and Clinics for limb-difference kids.